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Hemingways, Nairobi

So in this age of enlightenment and finding one’s true calling in life, we all seem to be encouraged to visualize what our perfect life would be and release it to the universe. Well it surely takes more work than that, but one can only dream…

Before becoming a full time entrepreneur (whatever that means), I worked many years in one of the leading telecoms and technology firms. I believe one of the reasons I was able to work there for so long (7 years) was because I was never located in the same office as my line manager; and I have had a few. This allowed me to grow and learn to focus on delivering with very little supervision.

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Paris 2eme

How does that feed to “the dream”? Well, as an aspiring nomad, I simply set up office wherever I could get a decent Wi-Fi connection and get on with the grind. That is the dream; finding that perfect job that will allow me  to get stuff done from wherever, with little routine since the scenery will keep on changing.

I am not there yet, friends, not at all. So dear Universe, this one is to you!




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