All wrapped up in a wish


I love this time of the year. This festive feeling all everywhere _ sans Christmas shopping mall music _ might just be what I look forward to the most all year round. More than just getting a free pass to eat all the food, and the much needed family time; year end also means for me a time to reflect on the past year and try to do better.

I avoid resolutions because I am bad at keeping them and quite frankly who needs the pressure? So this is not a list of my new years resolutions; not quite.


I believe that each day brings new, refreshed, crisp chance to do better than yesterday. Simple. Another thing about this time of the year is all the well wishes to others and to ourselves, you know… health, prosperity, love and the likes. They got me thinking this time; all those wishes sent to me simply have no chance of materializing without action, my own action. So although this will not make it to a fancy greeting card, “I wish for you to do more with your time”.

Let’s get a little more practical: may We all save a bit more, go for that much needed holiday, go for a run one extra day in the week, eat healthier, love harder and try to find happiness in the smallest things.


Cheers to 2016

Hong Kong peak, December 2015
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