It’s Not a Race, it’s a Marathon

Central Málaga
Central Málaga

We all know that moment at the end of each year  when it seems that everybody is setting some important goals and resolutions for the new year to come; with hopes of becoming a healthier, more adventurous or richer version of themselves. For me that moment occurs about 2 weeks before my birthday.

For a long while I would feel disappointed with myself for not having become that badass superwoman (I mean really) I said to myself that I would be by that said age. Who makes those rules? Whose roadmap are we following, with clear guidelines on how we should have it all figured out by 25, 30 or 35?

I am an avid list maker and planner of everything. I like knowing where I am going, and what it will take for me to get there and work towards it. Recently, however, a good friend of mine made me realize that we focus on our to do list so much that we often fail to take a look and be appreciative of our “has been done list”.

There is wisdom in taking a minute to look back at how far we’ve come; not to dwell in the past but to gather the strength to jump even further. I like this Bantu proverb which says : “The horizon will not disappear as you run towards it”. I am learning that life is not a race, but a marathon and I should trust and have faith in my journey.



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