My top 3 airports when traveling with kids


Traveling with small kids can be a daunting task but doesn’t always have to be. With the increasing amount of in-flight entertainment and give away toys, your little one could have enough to stay occupied. As a mom with 2 small boys, my worry often comes when in transit and trying to maneuver my way between flights whilst they’re too tired or restless (sigh).

Well there is hope for us as many more airports are moving past the load of duty free offerings and restaurants to also include of comfort, entertainment and in this case, child-friendly options. These are my favorite 3 airports when traveling with kids and I am sure I will be updating this list soon as we explore the globe:

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

As the busiest airport in the world, the Atlanta International Airport does not disappoint with attractions for the young and old. My personal favorite are the art exhibitions often hosted by the airport. Kids would enjoy the Delta Sky zones areas equipped with various video games and based on when in the year you’re traveling you could be pleasantly surprised with a concert on the premises.


Paris Roissy Arcade
Paris Roissy Arcade


Paris Roissy, PS4 station
Paris Roissy, PS4 station


Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport

If you don’t have enough time between flights, you might need to hold on to the kids here :). Shopping is not the only attraction at the Roissy, there’s a gaming arcade for the little ones and a few PlayStation gaming posts around the airport, you simply won’t see the time pass buy.

Maclaren prams, yes Sir
Maclaren prams, yes Sir



Dubai International Airport

I must admit I am totally biased when it comes to the Dubai airport, I just love the place and I always seem to discover new spots every time I visit. When flying Emirates, their Maclaren prams come in handy for lay overs, especially when traveling with small kids. If you’re around for a few hours, rent one of those GoSleep pods to help you and the kids unwind and get some sleep comfortably as you wait for your next flight; they come with carry on storage and wifi. The pods are priced from $14/per hour with reductions when you rent for longer.




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