So You’re only in Barcelona for 3 days? No problem!


If you’re planning a short stay in Barcelona, read on!Windows Phone_20150830_15_07_54_Pro__highres

Europeans got one thing right, transport is life. Railways on point and roads roads and more roads, well visas for what? I mean it is pointless to plan a one destination trip to Europe when you can visit so many cities just a full tank away, literally.

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La Sagrada Familia
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Casa Batllo

Now there’s a lot to do and see but if you find yourself for 3 days in Barcelona (I still can’t say it right), here are some of my recommendations:


  1. Day One: Head on to La Sagrada Familia (Antoni Gaudi), this church is breathtaking to say the least. The queues are quite long though and Barcelona gets pretty hot, but absolutely worth the wait. Afterwards, take the subway to Passeig de Gracia and man!!! if the shopping doesn’t kill you, the energy and views will do the same.
  2. Day Two: Make this a Beach day, sock up some sun, dance and sip on some mean cocktails. Stop for some seafood lunch or a Paella in one of the many restaurants in the Barceloneta beach area. Now take a nap change into something comfortable for the night and my sisters don’t bother about wearing heels, take it easy :). Party, Mojito, Dance in that order.
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    Paella of life
  3. Day Three: Hopefully you’ve recovered from the day before. Your last day should be more laid back; head to the Barcelona Cathedral and take in this architectural masterpiece. Go for a tapas tour at La Rambla, and make sure you buy some street art if you’re keen. To seal off you trip, in the evening treat yourself to a flamenco shown at Los Tarantos, best 10 euros spent.


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Los Tarantos! The best 30 minutes ever, 10 Euros

No, I haven’t been to Camp Nou yet, so I will be back for sure as I understand that it’s a must see whether you’re a soccer fan or not.



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Bye Felicia
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