Mon Passeport Bleu

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Mon passeport bleu, mon très cher passeport bleu.

My passport and I are in the strangest one sided love affair ever; as much as I love it, carry it with pride and work hard to represent where I am from, it still seems unwilling to return these sentiments or at least not love me back the way I feel it should.

3rd world story of my life.

Being from one of the SADC countries, studying in South Africa was slightly cheaper than, say, a student from North Africa. That’s one of the few advantages so far; the rest seems to be quite the mission. Visa applications are the most daunting, I mean some destinations are short of asking me a blood sample sometimes (sight…).

So how do you get passed that? Well it’s an adventure, and I simply don’t back down, most of the time. Travelling for work is the best since the company sponsors your trip and visas are a lot easier to obtain in those cases. But on a personal capacity, preparation is key my friend; you just better build that file and I go by one rule, give them more than they ask for to limit come backs.

Et oui, c’est la vie. If travel is what you’re about and you are facing the same challenges as me, there’s always good news: you don’t necessarily have to start with the world’s top 10 destinations. I recommend you start building your travel plan by starting with the countries with the least visa requirements or if you’re lucky, find where you are exempt. The best African destinations in that category in my book so far are Senegal (online, landing visa), Mauritius (Easy), Kenya (landing visa) and Rwanda (online).

I am planning on sharing a more extensive list with you all very soon, stay tuned.

Starting with the longer route will help solidify your traveler “profile” and based on my experience so far, they make a better case for bigger embassies.



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