Experiencing the Yeoville Dinner Club

I remember my first trip to South Africa visiting my brother who stayed in Yeoville (suburb of Johannesburg) back in 1996. It was one of the trendiest places in Johannesburg with its cultural diversity, street foods, restaurants, exotic businesses, bars and clubs (Ok I wasn’t allowed in, but get the idea ). Food has always played a big part in the make of the Yeoville culture with at the center the African Market on Rockey street where you could find anything.

My friends and I recently decided to visit the Yeoville Dinner Club, a spaza kitchen we heard nice reviews about; so off we went on our little adventure. Whilst Yeoville wasn’t the poshest or cleanest neighborhood then, the structural collapse all around is quite heartbreaking. That Sunday afternoon we opted for a Uber ride, which turned out to be a bad idea; due to the rivalry between the meter taxis and the Uber service our driver wouldn’t dare get too close to the buzzing Rockey street and rather dropped us a block away. We found the place shortly afterwards so our adventure was still on! 🙂

The moment we walked in, the warmth and smell of the food was just so inviting, we had to dig in. Yeoville has restaurants in every corner, but what we loved about the place is that, laid on this massive wooden table, was a colorful and flavorsome culinary display of authentic meals from Congo, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and more, not to mention the homemade cocktails; all true to the chef Sanza’s promise of a Pan Afrikan Plate.

I can’t rave enough about how delicious the food is and catering to only 18 guests is a winning formula making for an intimate and colorful atmosphere where the best conversations reign. Move the party to the rooftop to take in the city vides. The Yeoville Dinner Club is an absolute must, book in advance as the place fills up quickly.



Instagram: @yeovilledinnerclub

Bookings: 083 447 4235

Address: 14C Cosac Building, Rockey Alley Centre, 24 Rocket Street, Yeoville, Johannesburg.


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