New Year, Same Me


So 2018 is in full gear and the festive season sounds like a distant memory. On this last day of January (yep already), I do wish that your year is off to a good start and that you will stick to that long list of promises you made to yourself about how badass and successful you will be this year.

I was fortunate to go back home in Kinshasa for 10 days this month and got to spend time with my family and friends, and explore the city which always feels me up with so much hope and so many ideas and opportunities to tap into. Often things back home seem so stagnant but if you look closely there’s quite a lot to do and see, from new coffee shops and restaurants to interesting tours and excursions for both locals and tourists. I cannot wait to share my last trip to you all.

Kongo travels in Nganda Yahla, Kinshasa.

New Year, Same Me. Beyond wanting better skin, longer hair, get rich and travel more (you know, resolutions); this year I want to be more present, hands on, perhaps share a bit more about me but really just have fun in realising all the exciting plans I have in mind for my blog. On a more serious note, I think sharing my goals with you all will keep me in check :) so here we go: get on Youtube for real, plan exciting giveaways (yes for you all), launch my first travel accessories line, improve on my Spanish, go to Latin America for the 1st time (I can’t believe I haven’t, after all those passport stamps), forgive and be happy.

“La vie ne vaut d’être vécue sans amour” – Serge Gainsbourg, La Javanaise.

Now it’s time for the month of Love …



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