How these young women are tackling Afrophobia

Last month my girlfriends and I got to go to the #Singabantu fashion benefit event, held at the Asanka restaurant in trendy Sandton, Johannesburg and oh boy were we in for a treat! If you know anything about me, I love fashion and when I heard fashion show for a good cause, I was all in; I am happy to have been there because this event was actually much more than that.

#Singabantu (We are human) is a short film, produced by sisters Sophie and Louise Kanza raising awareness on the painful issue of Afrophobia. Perhaps the most surprising thing about this short film is actually how short it is (I mean 1 minute and 35 seconds!!) and yet so powerful.

Set in the ruins of a burnt down house in the Johannesburg suburb of Rosettenville following the February 2017 xenophobic attacks, the film opens your eyes on some typical stereotypes that African migrants hear on a regular basis, all told by various youth from across the continent; and more so their refusal of being reduced to just that, but rather wanting to be regarded and treated as fellow humans. Having been on the receiving end of those aggressions, I must say that there is nothing more troubling than not feeling welcomed by a person who looks just like you. This message is so relevant, because of its global nature; negative feelings or attitude towards black people is not a South African problem alone, but touches us the world over.

The benefit was a fund raiser to help the Singabantu team showcase the movie and host an Afrophobia conversation workshop at the Degrowth Festival in Sweden. A night spent celebrating Africa with fashion, music, dance, good people and good food. I would encourage you all to watch this award winning film and should you want to support this cause or find out more, please get a hold of Sophie and Louise below:

Facebook: @SophieakanzaFoundation

Instagram: @candycraftsday



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  • Hey Tan.

    Lovely post on such a beautiful initiative. Sophie and Louise are amazing young ladies opening up a conversation on such an important issue. I wish them the best.

    • Thank you for the continuous support Patricia. Indeed such projects should be talked about more and supported.


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