Dear 2018, We give thanks!


It’s that time of the year again, yeah you guessed it (or maybe not) Thanksgiving is here!!! Oh well if there’s one thing I would take from American culture, it would be Thanksgiving. Of course it is not a holiday here is SA and I didn’t grow up celebrating it, but I just find the idea of taking a moment to reflect on one’s year, one’s actions, relationships, work, plans; all that in a spirit of giving thanks for the wins (or losses) is simply powerful.

So what am I grateful for?

2018 has been quite a challenging year, yet equally rewarding. Business has been tough, we’ve lost of few clients or should I say we dodged a few bullets; I learnt to let go of some people in my team (not my favourite thing to do), experienced loss of loved ones and almost got scammed by a shady investor (yeah I will share the story some day). Yet by God’s grace here I stand. I visited a new country this year, launched a new business venture, we welcomed our baby girl and I am healthy.

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My thank you jar

Last year I came across a”grateful jar” pin on Pinterest; someone had the brilliant idea a writing down what they are thankful for on any given day and place the piece of paper in a jar to be opened at the end of the year. I loved it and decided to try it out this year; I must say I probably skipped a few moments but my jar is full and not only of big wins but small ones too, moments that I might have skipped otherwise.

So much happens in 365 days and personally this little exercise has helped me stay positive, keep the faith and remain hopeful for greater days ahead.




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