My Traveling Spoon Experience in Medellín

My travelling spoon experience in Medellin
At the Hotel Lobby waiting for my Uber

I believe there’s never been a more exciting time to travel than now. We are spoiled for choice when it comes to various offers and experiences and one can tailor-make their itinerary from miles away without even leaving the room.

When visiting a new city for a short period of time, I usually take a running tour, just to make sure I get to see all major attractions the place has to offer and, well the run doesn’t hurt. This time around when researching online what to do in Medellín Colombia, I came across the Travelling Spoon food tourism service which got me very curious.

Traveling Spoon is a US-based start-up linking travelers with Home Cooks in various destinations around the world. Something about the idea of having an authentic cooking experience with a local in a home environment just appealed to me and besides, I could do with some company as I was traveling alone. So I signed up and made a booking for a 3-course meal cooking class and dinner with Daniela; yep I added drinks too. A few days prior to my trip, I got a text message from Daniela with a few meal options and after a few back and forths, finally decided on Papa Rellena for appetizers, Arroz con pollo as main and Tres leches cake for dessert; quite a nice touch to feel included in the prep.

My travelling spoon experience in Medellin
At the Hotel Lobby waiting for my Uber
The Apartment building














D Day

My booking was on the same day I arrived in Medellín, so I quickly headed over to the hotel, got ready and was on my way out. Daniela’s home was a very short uber ride away. I was welcomed by Daniela and her mom and we joked at how overdressed I was for the dinner party 🙂 I immediately felt at home.  We promptly got started with the cooking with the ladies carefully taking me through all the ingredients and steps; I had enough time to help in the kitchen as well as taking notes. I got to learn a bit more about their family, art, the history, the culture, their life in Medellí and their love for food.

Papa Rellena mix
Preparing Papa Rellena
Papa Rellena
Papa Rellena is a sort of potato croquettes















Hard at work 🙂
Daniela, the host














We sat down for dinner, about 1H30′ after I arrived and oh boy was the food delicious!!! so delicious in fact that I forgot to take any photos of the final table spread Ahah. I overindulged for sure and I had to best homemade watermelon juice to cool off and got to taste some local aguardiente too.

Cake Time
Tres leches cake
Aguardiente – Firewater












My best takeaway from this experience is what the money cannot buy; the conversations were so enriching and so much laughter. The cherry on top is that I got some insider recommendations on what to do and where to go around the city and I am happy to say that this is a service that I would love to experience again in a different city, and why not in Africa? Traveling Spoon has hosts in Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, and Tanzania as well.


Tania xo

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