What To Consider Prior To Booking a Group Travel Experience

At The Kakum National Park in Ghana

My first experience of group travel was on an 8-day trip to Accra last year. I saw an ad on Instagram 8 months prior and it took me minutes to sign up and the rest is history!

Traveling with complete strangers (in my case) isn‘t for everyone. Whilst I jumped at this opportunity fast, I had enough time to consider this trip and to get my questions answered. If you are curious to give group travel a try or if this is something you would consider in future, I have put together a list to help you decide:

1. Research The Company / Few Companies

Is it a registered business? What are the reviews like? Check out their past trips to see if they are your ”vibe/tribe”. Research is key. There are quite a few companies offering group travel packages, but you will need to make sure to pick an agency that meets your criteria. Their website and past client reviews are a good place to start.

2. Know Your Numbers

For the most part, group travel packages would include accommodation, entries to most of the attractions, airport transfers, and some of the meals. So it is important to ask a few questions such as: What is included in the price? what expenses are for your own account? what payment terms are available? How much money will you need to bring with?

3. What Holiday Vibe are You Feeling Like?

Just like any holiday plan, the destination needs to be something you are keen on. I would suggest to first start by listing what you are looking for prior to scouting agencies. A good place to start is: Relaxation (yoga, beach days), adventure, party all day, culinary, city vibes? 

4. Are You a People’s Person?

I know this one is obvious you might think but are you really? 🙂

You will spend a considerable amount of time with a new group of people. How good are you with striking up a conversation? Are you ok not doing things in your own time?

5. What is the Itinerary?

Is a detailed itinerary provided prior to booking? This will not only help you decide if you‘re interested in the proposed activities but also plan your outfits too (ladies). An important one would also be to find out if you have a ”free day” to wander off on your own too, perhaps for some extended shopping, or any attractions that might not be covered in the itinerary. 

6. Accommodations

Last but not least, look up the hotels proposed, be inquisitive about the booking so you know what to expect. Is there a sharing option?

Now that you’ve gone through the list, have I convinced you yet? If you’ve tried group Travel before, I would love to hear about your experience in the comments.





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