10 Ways to be a tourist in your Hometown

Happy Level 2 family! I for one am very excited that we finally get to travel across the different provinces and I am most excited about more businesses opening up again. It hasn’t been easy and we still have such a long way to go but let’s all remain optimistic and trust that if we all play our part and respect all sanitary measures we will slowly be out of this difficult curve.

With that said, it will be a while before we get back to traveling comfortably again and no rush there, we all need to do what’s good for us.

One thing we can credit the lockdown for is that we have been forced to explore more of the gems around us, take the route less traveled, and support our local tourism. Today I would like to share 10 tips on how to be a tourist in your hometown and I hope that this will encourage you to start a little exploring. What’s better than starting right in your hometown:

1. Travel Itinerary

Draw up a travel itinerary. Take the time to list a few places or things that you have always wanted to see or do around town but that you’ve always put off for later. No need to it all at once but you will be surprised what a little list and google search could reveal.

2. Make it a Historic Tour

Historic tours are always a great place to start rediscovering your city. It will get you curious again about some of the city landmarks.

3. Change your perspective / Routine

Have you heard the saying that all roads lead to Rome? Well, it simply means that there are 1000 ways to reach the same destination. How about changing your daily commute to work? Or perhaps cycle or walk to work instead of driving? One thing about being a tourist in a new city is that you embrace the unknown, so get comfortable will being uncomfortable.

4. Try out a popular restaurant you’ve never been to

Check out a few restaurant reviews and make a booking at that new restaurant, bar, or lounge that everybody is talking about.

5. Participate in local events

This is still limited under level 2, but do check out your local newspapers for gallery openings, pop-ups, and the likes.

6. Walking, Cycling, running tours

One of my favorite thing to do when traveling is taking a running tour of the city, I get in the workout and learn about the history of the town and top landmarks from a local, all in one. Johannesburg is home to a few walking and cycling tours that will make you see you city in a different light. Bring your camera with and let your inner tourist out.

7. Watch a game

Another one that we can’t do quite yet, and I need to do more of this myself once we can. How about a Zoom match watching party with some of your best mates for now?

8. Recreate a childhood memory

Take a trip down memory lane and recreate your childhood memories. This has got to be my favorite on the list, especially doing this with my kids. It’s not only an opportunity to relive some of my old favorite things around town, but it gives them a look into what my life was like (prepare for laughs because things might be a lot different today).

9. Go High

There’s nothing quite like taking in the best views of your city from a different vantage point. If you’re keen, go for a helicopter ride or go on a hot air balloon with your significant other.

10. Be a tour guide

Be the expert for once and offer to be the tour guide during your friends’ or family’s next visit to the town. The planning process itself will get you excited.

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