Dealing With Mom Guilt As a Traveling Mama

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As much as I would like to think that I am out there living my best life, traveling the world; I must admit that actually most of my traveling is done for work. I have always had a very demanding career, even prior to venturing into entrepreneurship.

My first son had to start creche at 7 months because the nanny vanished, and mama had to be back on the grind. When He turned 3 years old, I moved to Nigeria on and off for 7 months and he stayed back in SA. As a working mom, with a team depending on me, and still figuring out a balancing act between my many hats, dealing with Mom Guilt as always been with me.

I would like to share a few habits and mechanisms I have learned along the way. For any mom out there having to stay far from their little ones for work or other responsibilities; you are not alone.

Prepare them

Have a frank conversation with your child about your upcoming trip, why you’re leaving, how long you’re going, and when you’re coming back. Depending on their age helps them tick it off a calendar on the wall or count the days. Children are a lot stronger and understanding than you think, and looking forward to you coming back isn’t half as bad when they’re in the know

Get a Map

Take out the good old map and share the next destination with your little ones, share some trivia with them, or any general knowledge bits you can find. Yeah, turn it into a fun teachable moment 🙂

Always show up

If you’re traveling into a different time zone, set your watch on the destination time. Make sure to disable your smartphone clock auto-sync so you keep it on home time. This will make it easier for you to set reminders for reading time, bedtime song or any important rituals you might still want to be a part of from far, technology is your friend, just do it.

It’s Ok to delegate

All I know is that being a superwoman also means being a super delegator. Take time to build your solid support system made of your life partner, family, friends, employees, etc. It’s 2020, but the old saying is still true, it does take a village to raise a child.

Bring Gifts

Hey, Mama don’t spoil them; nothing will replace your presence anyway. Go for educational or less commercial gifts to remind them of your last trip.

Know Your Why

When it is all said and done, always remember why you’re doing this and be more forgiving towards yourself. There are surely better days coming and before you know it, you’ll be back together again.


Tania xx

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