5 Things to Consider when Planning a Trip to The Maldives

Radisson Blu Resort, Maldives

I would go right ahead and say this: Travel is definitely not what is used to be and if you are considering international travel, based on what is important to you, more research might be needed on your destination and waiting for things to normalise might also be worth considering. ⁠

Having said that, we jetted off to the Maldives on an amazing adventure nonetheless. ⁠

A couple of weeks ago I asked if you had any questions; so whilst I am still editing the vlogs and gathering my thoughts on a full debrief; here are 5 things to consider, in my opinion, for your future holiday to the Maldives:

1. No Visa required!

None, Nada! Ok this is a big deal when traveling with a Congolese passport ok (😂). All nationalities receive Visa on arrival.⁠

2. Cost:

Let me tell you resorts don’t come cheap, some top dollar can be dropped here and their tourism tax is serious. Don’t despair, booking in advance and travelling during low season will make all the difference.⁠
Maldives on a budget is totally doable in their main cities offering a mix of the local life with access to some lovely beaches too, when all opens up (more on that later).⁠

3. This is a Muslim country:

So still dress modestly if you are heading to the main islands although resorts are ok for you to let it all loose. Yeah alcohol is banned and only sold exclusively in resorts at a premium, (just imagine ZAR 105 of a can of coke 🥵, now think Veuve)⁠

4. Health protocols:

This is one of the few countries open to South African travellers outside of our continent without crazy quarantine demands. You will need to present a negative PCR certificate not old than 96 hours. Wearing a mask is compulsory although not required once on resort islands⁠

5. Lockdown:

The Republic is actually in lockdown so tourists are not allowed on any of their main islands as of now. I was hoping to do a little island hopping but was not able to. Maldivians are such lovely people I am sure it would have been amazing to mingle with the locals a few nights.⁠

I’d totally go back with my kids (yeah not only for lovers); it’s such a long journey though, so I’m still recovering.

Radisson Blu Resort, Maldives
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